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Although it is located in the northeast quadrant, there is no town that says “Deep in the heart of Texas” quite like Van. Famous for its oil, football, and small-town community feel, this little city is the perfect place for families to raise their children. Great schools, plenty of land, and a booming economy draw many to this quaint community; and access to industry-leading pest control services from Innovative Pest Control helps keep residents safe from the harmful effects of pests like mice, mosquitoes, roaches, and many more.

Innovative Pest Control offers affordable, effective year-round residential and commercial pest control plans to control the most common pests that invade Van homes, and we offer pest-specific one-time services before a big outdoor event or when you are faced with one-time threats. To learn more about all that Innovative Pest Control has to offer your Van home or business, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control Services In Van, TX

Keeping your home free from pests like termites, mice, and others that threaten to damage its structure and from roaches, and other pests that spread disease to your family can be difficult; but it doesn’t have to be. With Innovative Pest Control, reliable, affordable solutions are only a call away. Our team of specialists have developed three levels of service that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your Van home, and they are all backed by our ‘If bugs come back, so do we! Free of charge, guarantee!’ Here’s what you can expect:

  • Advantage Plus – This plan offers quarterly visits that target more than 16 of the most common pests to infest Van homes and monitors for rodent activity. Our initial inspection will identify and eliminate existing pest problems with coverage that is guaranteed to last between visits! It is the best plan for homes that are facing minimal threats from pests.
  • Advantage Total – This plan offers quarterly visits that target all the pests included in Advantage Plus and adds year-round monitoring and control services for termites and extended ant control for Argentine ants and odorous house ants. Our initial inspection will identify and eliminate existing pest problems and is guaranteed to prevent pests between scheduled service visits!
  • Advantage Gold – This comprehensive plan offers quarterly visits that target all the pests included in the Advantage Total plan; PLUS it includes seasonal mosquito and fire ant treatments from April thru September. Our initial inspection will identify and eliminate existing pest problems and is guaranteed to prevent pests between scheduled service visits!  

To learn more about which plan is right for you, or to hear about any of our stand-alone services, simply contact us today.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed bugs are a growing problem throughout the country, and they are a pest that you should be on the lookout for here in Van. These sneaky little pests are difficult to avoid, but knowing where to look and what to look for can make all the difference! While bed bugs can surely be found in beds, beds are not the only place that bud bugs frequent. Bed bugs can be found anywhere that people are. This means that public transportation, schools, dorms, malls, libraries, laundry mats, movie theaters, hospitals, and even Aunt Jane’s house are all at risk of hosting these pests.

Being diligent to look for bed bugs and their signs whenever you are away from your home is an important part of keeping your home safe from these pests. Of course, you may notice these tiny 1/4-inch bugs that resemble apple seeds with legs, but they are small and elusive, so finding these adult bugs is not a guarantee. You are more likely to notice the tiny red blood spots or the brown flecks and spots of feces on fabrics and the shed skin casings in the creases and corners of seats, mattresses, and carpets than you are these reddish-brown bugs. But staying alert could help you to avoid carrying these bugs home with you in your purse, in your backpack, or even on your pant leg.

If you notice bed bugs in your Van home, don’t panic. Pick up the phone and call the bed bug experts here at Innovative Pest Control instead! Our three-step process of inspection, implementation, and elimination guarantees fast, effective relief from bed bugs in your Van home or business! To learn more about our bed bug control services, give us a call today.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Dangerous?

The answer to this question is, yes… potentially! Your reaction to a brown recluse spider bite will depend on how much venom is injected and on how sensitive you are to that venom. The reaction to the bite can include mild skin irritation or fever, itching, muscle pain, and convulsions. Some can even result in necrosis which is a condition where the skin tissue around the bite deteriorates and dies. Many brown recluse spider bites require medical intervention. Special attention should be paid whenever you are rummaging around in dark, humid areas like your basement, attic, or garage.

Brown recluse spiders can be inside boxes, under mulch, or beneath leaves and other yard debris. Sealing all cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation, repairing gaps and tears in screens, and installing door sweeps on all exterior doors will be helpful in reducing your risk of these pests entering your home. But the best way to ensure that brown recluse spiders will not be hiding out in your home is by implementing a year-round pest prevention plan from the experts here at Innovative Pest Control. Not only will this protect your home from invading brown recluse spiders, but it will also help to eliminate the insects that are drawing these spiders into your home in the first place.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Van, TX

Protecting your business from the harmful and damaging effects of pests is an important part of any successful business plan. Termites, mice, and other pests can damage the structure of your facility and harm expensive equipment inside. Pantry pests, rodents, and cockroaches can infiltrate product and cause damage to it or contaminate it completely, and many pests threaten to spread illness to employees and customers. No matter how you look at it, pests are a threat to your reputation and to your bottom line.

Many business owners here in Van and throughout Texas have discovered that the best way to protect their facilities, their products, and their reputation is by partnering with Innovative Pest Control for reliable and effective year-round commercial pest protection services. Our year-round commercial pest controls services utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to combat pests where they live and breed, reducing the need for chemical intervention. Plus, our specialists have access to innovative tools and technologies and only administer EPA approved materials to eliminate pests in your facility. All of our commercial services are personalized to fit the needs and the regulations of your specific industry, and we will work with you and your staff to develop the pest management solution that is right for you!

To learn more about our effective pest control solutions for your Van business or to schedule your free pest inspection, call us today.


To learn more about our year-round residential and commercial pest control solutions or any of our stand-alone services, contact us today.  

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