Learn More About Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are just one of more than 20 different types of wasps that can be found in the United States. Do you know the difference between aggressive and non-aggressive wasp species? Don’t take the risk finding out on your own! At Innovative Pest Control, we have a complete guide to wasps in your home, and paper wasps are just one of many that you don’t want to tackle on your own.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

Paper wasps have narrow bodies that are usually dark brown or mahogany with yellow markings, and they have long black wings that extend back. The middle parts of their bodies are skinny, and some can resemble yellow jackets if they have the right markings. The paper wasp is anywhere between 2 cm and 3.2 cm in length. Know what you are doing to attract paper wasps.

Where Do Paper Wasps Nest?

Paper wasps nest in hidden and protected areas around homes and properties. It is common to find paper wasps under eaves, under decks and awnings, and tucked away in window sills. They may also enter ventilation exhaust vents on the side of your home.

Paper wasps’ nests are elaborate and unique. Paper wasps construct their nests out of primarily paper, branches, and twigs, which they combine together with their saliva to spin and hang from a protected location. The paper wasp nest can resemble an umbrella when it is complete, with little compartments that create an intricate comb.

Many people are convinced that you can simply knock down a nest with a broom and continue your day, but that rarely works. Paper wasp nests are territorial and will protect their nests by attacking perceived threats. Instead, you need a plan to prevent a wasp from creating a nest in the first place. Here is another guide to understanding paper wasps.

What Do Paper Wasps Eat?

Paper wasps are considered beneficial near gardens and around homes because they feed on small insects and caterpillars. The biggest benefit, however, of having paper wasps near your garden is that the insects are excellent pollinators because they feed on nectar and pollen primarily.

Are Paper Wasps Dangerous?

The problem is that wasps near the home can become aggressive if they are disturbed. And the cons of having paper wasps near your home far outweigh the gardening benefits. Paper wasps are not aggressive by nature, but if you approach the nest or try to remove it, paper wasps will attack to defend their nest and the members of their colony. The stings that these wasps deliver are painful and can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Does Innovative Pest Control Offer Wasp Control?

Innovative Pest Control offers expert service and attention to control stinging insects. Our highly-trained pest control professionals have the skill and know-how to prevent nesting wasps and to exterminate stinging insects that are on your property. To find out which services are available to get rid of your stinging pests before someone gets hurt, call the team of pest control experts in Tyler and East Texas!

Paper Wasp Prevention Tips

To prevent paper wasps from building nests, keep these helpful prevention tips in mind: