What Do Millipedes Look Like?

Millipedes are black or brown in color and are between one and two inches in length. These insects have round, segmented bodies and can have as many as 400 legs. When millipedes walk, they appear to move in a wave-like motion.

How Are Millipedes Different Than Centipedes?

There are many similarities between millipedes and centipedes, but they are not the same species. While they look like insects to most people, they are actually classified as arthropods. An insect has three body segments, while both the centipedes and millipedes have more than three – many segments, actually. Some differences are in their appearance, while other differences are related to how the bugs move. Centipedes have just one pair of legs per body segment while millipedes have two. Centipedes have flattened and flexible arthropods while millipedes have subcylindrical shapes and rigid arthropods.

Some other differences between these seemingly similar pests include:

Are Millipedes A Nuisance Pest Inside And Out?

Millipedes normally live outside under objects for protection and darkness, and on damp soil. Millipedes find their way indoors at times, often by climbing around on the foundation and entering through basement windows, doors, or crawlspace vents. Once inside, millipedes can be found in just about any room of the home, although they tend to prefer kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms because of the moisture.

What Do Millipedes Eat?

Millipedes eat mostly decaying organic matter, such as the roots or leaves of seedlings.

Are Millipedes Dangerous?

Millipedes are not dangerous and do not pose any threats to humans or their property. They don’t have stinging structures, and instead, use segmental defensive glands as defense. When a millipede is threatened it will release a foul-smelling liquid that could cause skin irritation if not washed off immediately. Millipedes will also curl up their body as a defense mechanism.

How Does Innovative Pest Control Eliminate Millipedes?

If you are having an ongoing problem with millipede infestation, the trusted exterminators for Tyler and East Texas, Innovative Pest Control, can eliminate your existing problem and help you prevent future infestations. You will not see any signs of an infestation other than the millipede itself. For the occasional millipede, use do-it-yourself methods to eliminate such as vacuuming or sweeping the pest up and taking it out of your home. If you have recurring millipedes and large numbers of them in your home, give us a call for help controlling them. We apply a pest control solution around the perimeter of your home to reduce the risks of the millipedes gaining entry into your home in the first place. We’ll also inspect the property and let you know of possible access points for millipedes and other pests, so they can be properly sealed to prevent pest entry.

Millipede Prevention Tips