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Bullard, TX Pest Control

Bullard is a fast-growing city that is found in East Texas. This picturesque city offers diverse neighborhoods, a historic downtown, access to excellent educational opportunities, and most importantly a strong sense of community. To help protect the homes and businesses that make up this thriving, friendly community, Innovative Pest Control offers a variety of tailored pest control services.

Pests like ants, roaches, spiders, stinging insects, termites, stink bugs, rodents, moles and more can all invade your property and cause structural damages, lawn damages, introduce diseases, contaminate food, and even destroy your personal items. Let our residential and commercial pest control services help you protect your family, customers, employees, and property from pest commonly found in Texas!

Residential Pest Control Services In Bullard, TX

At Innovative Pest Control we provide exceptional year-round pest control against Bullard pests through our Advantage Plans; plans which were developed to treat the pest control needs of each of our customers. Each of our residential pest control services offers:

  • An initial pest check-up to eliminate existing pest problems
  • Quarterly pest control services that provide protection against more than 16 common pests
  • The peace of mind knowing that coverage will last between service visits

Our Advantage Plus+ plan provides quarterly pest control and rodent monitoring, our Advantage Total plan provides quarterly pest control, rodent monitoring, and protection against termites; and finally the Advantage Gold plan (our most comprehensive) provides quarterly pest control, rodent monitoring, protection against termites, and seasonal mosquito and fire ant treatment (April- September)! Contact us today, to learn which of our highly effective pest control plans is the right choice to solve your Bullard home’s pest issues!

What Do Termites Look Like In Bullard, TX

Termites are a common pest found living throughout East Texas, these pests enter into properties silently, invading the inside of its structural wood. Knowing exactly what a termite looks like can be difficult because their specific appearance depends on the job that they do; also identifying termites is tough because in general, these pests are not seen out of their tunnels and/or nest.

Workers make up most of the termite colony’s population. They have a soft creamy white body, have no wings, are blind, and grow to be about 1/4 of an inch in length. These are the termites that tunnel through structural wood and gather food for the colony, they are very rarely seen out in the open by people.

Soldiers appear very similar to the workers except they are a bit larger and have an elongated yellow head, large strong jaws, and short legs. These termites defend the colonies against intruders.

The reproductives are the largest (in size) members of the colony; they are winged, are dark-brown to black in color, and are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. This is the member of the colony that you will most likely to see. In the spring they will swarm from the colony in order to find a mate and create a new colony. If there is a colony in or very near your home, you may find these winged termites crawling up your property’s walls.

To protect your property from termites, we highly recommend the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ as a solution to any size termite infestation and/or as a tool to prevent termite infestations. The Sentricon® with Always Active™ is eco-friendly, requires no digging, and effectively kills every member of the colony – including the queen. Give us a call today to start protecting your Bullard, TX property from highly damaging termites!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Bullard, TX

At Innovative Pest Control, we know that each industry and each business within that industry requires and deserves its own unique commercial pest control plan. We take pride in providing customized commercial pest control plans for each of our customers; benefits of choosing Innovative include:

  • Specialized products
  • Specialized materials
  • We use an Integrated Pest Management approach to commercial pest control allowing us to use insecticides in minimal amounts
  • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced and they are always supported by our management team
  • Our services are always guaranteed
  • We have over two decades of experience in the pest control industry

Give us a call to request your free inspection!

Top Stink Bug Prevention Tips For Bullard, TX Residents

When the temperatures cool off a bit in East Texas you will find that many insects will seek refuge inside homes and other buildings. They find their way inside through cracks, crevices, and holes found around windows and doors, exterior walls, and the foundation; they will then hide out behind walls, in attics spaces, underneath floors, and behind crawl spaces until the weather outside warms back up in the early spring. One species of occasional invader that is common in Bullard is the stink bug. Stink bugs are a particularly problematic pest, not because they pose a danger to people, but because of the very foul smell they produce to protect themselves against danger.

To stop these and other pests from invading your Bullard property we highly suggest putting into place one of our year-round residential pest control programs. Additional prevention tips include:

  • Seal cracks and crevices found in the exterior walls and foundation of your home
  • Caulk spaces and gaps found around windows, doors and utility entrances
  • Make sure that screens are completely intact
  • Make sure that vents and chimneys have secure covers on them
  • If any are found in your home use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up; squishing them will only release their noxious odor!

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