What Do Norway Rats Look Like?

Norway rats are big rodents, reaching lengths up to 40 cm. They have tails that are often more than half of their body and head length, as much as 21 cm long. Norway rats are covered in brown or gray shaggy fur, while their ears and tails are covered in scales.

Where Do Norway Rats Live And Nest?

Norway rats build underground burrows. They are nocturnal, only coming out at night and remaining in hiding throughout the day. If you do see a Norway rat in your home during the daylight, you should be concerned as that is a sign of a large infestation They use their burrows to get under buildings and then inside in search of food and shelter. Norway rats are social and live in colonies with dominant and subordinate rat members. If you have one Norway rat in your home, you probably have many, many more.

What Do Norway Rats Eat?

A better question may be, what DON’T Norway rats eat?! The rats are omnivorous and will eat from a variety of food sources. If access to food is abundant, they will choose fruit, meat, grains, and nuts. However, if they are in need of more food, they will eat dead animals, catch and eat fish, and even feed on other rodents. In addition, Norway rats will gnaw on wood and electrical wires, damaging your property and putting your home at risk of a fire.

Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

Rats can spread a number of dangerous diseases and illnesses. They can spread disease through a physical bite or simply by walking through your home and leaving droppings and urine that is then touched by a human or consumed through contaminated food. If you have rats of any type in your home, such as Norway rats or roof rats, you must take steps to eliminate them for the health of yourself, your pets, and your family members.

Does Innovative Pest Control Offer Norway Rat Control?

Innovative Pest Control uses a variety of rodent control methods to eliminate all types of rodents, including house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. Your home offers the three necessities of life for rats including water, food, and shelter. Our rodent control solutions help homeowners eliminate access to these necessities to rodents, eliminate existing rats in the home, and prevent future infestations from getting into your home. If you spot signs of Norway rats or other rodents in your home, call us today to get started with a pest control solution to free your home from the disease-carrying pests.

Norway Rat Prevention Tips

Reducing access to food, water, and shelter are the best things you can do to prevent rat infestations in your home.