What Do Brownbanded Cockroaches Look Like?

Brownbanded cockroaches are among the smallest species of cockroaches, measuring about 5/8 inches long. These roaches are a light brown or tan color and get their name from the two lighter-colored bands that run across the abdomen and wings. Male brownbanded cockroaches are smaller than females, and have wings that cover their pointed abdomens while female brownbanded cockroaches are wider in size with wings that do not fully cover their rounded abdomens.

Where Do Brownbanded Cockroaches Infest?

Brownbanded cockroaches can be found in the midwest, northeast, and southern areas of the United States. Unlike other forms of cockroaches, the brownbanded roaches do not require a lot of moisture so they can commonly found in all areas of the home, not just the kitchen or bathroom, including living rooms and bedrooms. When you find these cockroaches infesting your home, they are likely to be in higher locations, such as upper cabinets. They are not found in restaurants very often as they try to avoid light and are typically only found at night. When brownbanded roaches lay eggs, they often hide them under furniture or glue their oothecae (egg cases) directly to surfaces.

What Do Brownbanded Cockroaches Eat?

The brownbanded cockroach eats a little bit of everything but is particularly attracted to carbohydrates. They will eat anything considered organic, such as decaying matter and even bodily fluids. If they aren’t finding enough to eat from these sources, you will find them munching away on your envelopes, stamps, wallpaper, and books as they like to feed on starch and glue.

Are Brownbanded Cockroaches Dangerous?

While you do not need to be concerned with bites or stings when it comes to brownbanded cockroaches, an infestation does present health risks to you and your family. These roaches can trigger allergies and asthma, and some studies have shown these cockroaches can actually cause asthma in children who didn’t previously have asthma. Brownbanded roaches spread at least 33 different kinds of harmful bacteria, six different parasitic worms, and seven human pathogens. The bacteria and protozoa carried and spread by brownbanded roaches can cause diarrhea and gastroenteritis, among other illnesses.

Does Innovative Pest Control Offer Cockroach Control?

Innovative Pest Control offers cockroach control solutions. If you see any of the following signs of infestation, contact us at Innovative Pest Control. If there is one cockroach, you probably have 200 more hiding away within your home. Some common signs of brownbanded cockroaches include:

Brownbanded Cockroach Prevention Tips

In combination with a year-round pest control plan to control brownbanded roaches, there are measures you can take to prevent an infestation.