Tyler, TX Rodent Control

Mice & Rat Removal in Longview

Scratching sounds from behind your walls? Small squeaks from your attic? It isn’t a scene from a horror movie, but is, unfortunately, a far-too-common occurrence: Rodents have invaded your property. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer the effects of a mice or rat infestation for long. Simply call our licensed team at Innovative Pest Control and we’ll have your property back to normal in no time. 

Our skilled and highly experienced exterminators offer advanced rodent control solutions to homes and commercial properties throughout Tyler, Longview, and the surrounding areas. Our solutions include monitoring, baiting, trapping, and exclusion to keep unwelcome rodents out all year long. We begin every treatment with a free estimate, so you know exactly what to expect from our 5-star service.

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Are Rodents Dangerous?

While there are plenty of cute portrayals of rodents in movies, these animals can be harmful if left unchecked. Not only can their gnawing cause electrical malfunctions and property damage, but they can also spread disease and be a host for other pests such as fleas and ticks. This means that both mice and rats can pose health and safety risks without proper treatment. Luckily, our team creates an effective and customized solution based on your unique infestation and concerns.

Creating Rodent-Free Spaces in Eastern Texas

Whether rodents have invaded your home or business, you can count on our licensed and qualified professionals to help. We begin by performing an inspection of your property—checking for evidence of an infestation and identifying where and how they got in. Next, we work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. While in most cases, we eliminate rodents through baiting, we also have experience in other methods, such as trapping, to suit your preferences. 

Our team offers both one-time service as well as ongoing, monthly control solutions for lasting results. Our ongoing treatments come with a warranty, where as long as the service agreement is valid, we will come out if rodents are active. Additionally, our customers love our convenient and thorough Advantage Programs, which offer rodent monitoring and control along with treatments for nearly 20 common household pests. 

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