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Far from simple picnic thieves, fire ants can be unwelcomed and potentially dangerous visitors. Unfortunately, just like other ant species, if you see one, chances are, there are more hiding in wait. In fact, fire ants have notoriously large colonies and if the colony is only partially damaged, they can come back stronger than ever—making complete extermination crucial to a fire ant-free property. Our team at Innovative Pest Control is here to help homes and businesses throughout Tyler and Longview, TX eliminate fire ants by providing fast, effective, and innovative pest control solutions.

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How to Prevent Fire Ants

One of the best ways to prevent fire ants, or any other type of ant, from entering your home is dish soap. The chemicals in dish soap can be extremely harmful to ants. They work to break down the layers of the ants exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate. A great prevention strategy is to mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle and then spray any possible entry point ants could use to gain access to your home. 

Expert Fire Ant Elimination Services

Solving Fire Ant Problems in Homes & Businesses

While there are plenty of do-it-yourself methods on the market, few are as effective or as long-lasting as professional solutions. That is because at Innovative Pest Control, we utilize the most advanced professional treatments available and pair them with time-tested techniques and in-depth knowledge of pest biology and behavior. This allows us to custom create a fire ant solution specific to your unique infestation. 

Our two-stage fire ant control program has proven effective at keeping fire ants at bay all year round. To begin, one of our licensed technicians will perform a detailed inspection of your property and ornamentals to pinpoint any active fire ant issues. If found, we will treat those areas with our industry-leading baits and treatments. To stop fire ants from returning, we then perform a secondary inspection and treatment in September. 

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