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Residential Pest Control Services in Tyler & Longview, TX

Eastern Texas Pest Control Specialists

Innovative Pest Control performs a comprehensive range of pest control solutions to homeowners in Tyler, Longview, and beyond. Our customized and high-quality treatments are designed to quickly and safely rid your property of pests—with no infestation being too big or small. We pair our over 30 years of industry-leading experience with time-tested techniques and best-in-class products to deliver the ultimate peace of mind. 

Our Pest Control Solutions Cover:

Why You Need Pest Control?

From damaging termites and pesky bed bugs to irritating mosquitos and disease-carrying rodents, our exterminators have the skill and resources to get your property back to normal in no time. So, if you notice any of the following signs, be sure to contact our pest control pros right away.

Do I Need Pest Control?

  • You notice droppings from rodents and other pests
  • You find evidence of nests
  • You hear unusual sounds, such as squeaking or scratching
  • You see mud tubes or ant hills in your yard
  • You notice gnaw or scratch marks on your furniture, walls, flooring, clothes, and electrical wiring
  • You find bite marks from bed bugs, mosquitoes, or other pests

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Benefits Of Our Advantage Plans

We also offer extensive pest control programs that fit any budget to ensure a pest-free property all year round. These programs offer quarterly pest control treatments to keep common pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, and more from making a home on your property. Our team takes all the hassle out of pest control—with easy scheduling and recurring services—making it easier than ever to enjoy a pest-free space.

Advantage Plus+

**There is an initial buy-out cost of $150 if canceled within the first 12 months**

Advantage Plus+

Our Advantage Plus+ plan is a quarterly pest control and rodent monitoring service that targets over 16 common pests including, but not limited to, roaches*, mice and rats, spiders, pillbugs, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, pantry pests, scorpions, Pharaoh ants, confused flour beetles, and carpenter ants. This plan also includes the installation and maintenance of termite monitoring systems to aid in the early detection of termite activity.

*Excludes German Roaches

Advantage Total

For homeowners worried about common house infesting insects, rodents, AND termites, our Advantage Total is the ideal choice. A quarterly pest control program that provides year-round coverage, this plan targets the same pests as our Advantage Plus plan. It also includes extended ant control for Argentine ants and odorous house ants and protection against wood-destroying subterranean termites.

Advantage Total

**There is an initial buy-out cost of $150 if canceled within the first 12 months**
Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold

The most comprehensive home pest control plan available from Innovative, our Advantage Gold provides the same year-round protection as the Advantage Total and includes seasonal mosquito and fire ant treatments April-September. Protect against creeping, crawling, wood-destroying, biting pests – all for one affordable monthly rate!

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